November 06, 2021 2 min read

Our mission is to support food that is sustainable for the long term. We are born of ambition and optimism, with a passion for participating in the next revolution in consumer products. We want to empower consumers to drive change. We know that water is running out and that we need to build resilient ecosystems for food production. We have clear eyes on the problems, a commitment to empowering action, and yes, even some audacious smiles as we move forward. 


We're bringing together leading-edge farming with food science and manufacturing to develop delicious foods that offer dense nutrition with a minimum of natural resources.


21st Century Take on The First American Milk 

Resilient food sources work in tune with their local environment, efficiently using the water, soil nutrients, and sunshine available around them. Native plants have evolved over millions of years and are best suited to adapt to droughts and extreme weather. Tree nuts make the most sustainable dairy alternative, and pecans are America's only commercially-available native nut.   

 Today's pecan gets its name from the Native American term "pakan" which means "hard-shelled nut." Since people first walked the alluvial soil of the Mississippi 8,000 years ago, pecans and non-dairy pecan milk were vital for surviving the winter months long before cows wandered this area. (Watch for our recipe page for our version of Powcohicora, fermented pecan milk that was a staple of Native American winter diets.) Pecan trees often live more than 100 years. In 15 US states, pecans serve as the anchor for the flora and fauna that make the unique look, sound, and smell of a place.

 PKN is the 21st-century name for the pecan milk that we have crafted to bring this ancient source of nutrition to your kitchen. THIS PKN marks our commitment to building resilient water and soil to nourish the people who live where these pecans grow, anchoring the native plant landscape. Our flagship THIS PKN uses only Texan pecans.