What's Inside:
Pecan Benefits

Enter THIS PKN. Finally, a nut milk that’s about more than just being dairy-free; it’s about richness, nutrition, and regeneration. Learn more about the health benefits of pecans and the other ways this incredible nut supports our local ecosystem.


The creamy, buttery taste that other alternatives lack is the attribute of this pecan milk. Our Original and Chocolate flavors taste like the pecans you know and love, with no added sugar or vegetable oils. 

With a taste that'll remind you of grandmother’s pecan pie and a summer scoop of butter pecan ice cream, THIS PKN® tastes like nostalgia. 

Pecans have a higher ratio of antioxidants than any other commercial tree nut and contain vitamins A, B, and E; plus Omega-3s, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and zinc.


We’re on a mission to make the most environmentally friendly milk out there. Our milk is made from pecans that aren’t just native to America, they’re home grown in America. They're native and shaped the diets of its earliest inhabitants. 

Pecans do a lot for the local ecosystem — and they can be an anchor for our future. They foster the microbes, insects, and other plants that help local ecosystems thrive.