Original Pecanmilk


Our original pecanmilk is made from Texas grown pecans with no added sugar and is so creamy it might even rival cow’s milk. THIS PKN’s lactose free milk alternative tastes like pecans, with the buttery, nutty taste that brings back memories of pecan pie, ice cream and pralines. This shelf-stable, dairy-free plant based milk packs a nutritional punch, too - every sip contains antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fats.

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Smooth and just the right amount of sweet.

Jen W
Original is AMAZING

Wow, I had never tried pecan milk before but I have had all the other oat / almond / soy / coconut / hemp / alt milks on the market and this intrigued me.

Product showed up in good condition - it seems like they have a partnership with Amazon, which is pretty cool, since it came in an Amazon box. It’s not shipped refrigerated but I don’t think it needs to be since most of these milks are shelf stable until you open it.

I tried it a few different ways. First just as a drink to get the flavor. The pecan taste is definitely there. Not quite butter pecan but velvety, smooth, rich, and really delicious! I like that there is no grit or plant taste to it, just a super smooth creamy milk.

Then I tried it in my smoothie which again was good because it blended really nicely with no foam or froth, and added a nice creaminess to my smoothie. That said - the flavor was lost a bit in my smoothie but I think that’s because I put a lot of other stronger ingredients in it like kale, banana, almond butter and chocolate collagen powder.

Then I tried it with cereal. WOW! This was my favorite way to try it. It kind of tastes like the milk that you get at the end of a bowl of cereal so I think that’s why it worked so good. But I had it with a super healthy high fiber flax cereal and I swear it tasted like a treat!

This stuff is legit. I bought a single bottle to try it out but I am going to be buying by the case because this is my new go-to!

Laura J Testa-Reyes
Best thing since oat milk

I'm lactose intolerant, and I love drinking this stuff. Pour it on my cereal. Pour it in my coffee. Yeah.