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The most sustainable alternative-milk option with a uniquely buttery, rich, pecan-forward taste. 

AUSTIN, TX (October 1, 2021) — Female-founded and -owned Lifestock is bringing a brand-new alternative milk option to Texas: one that defines the standards of flavor, texture, and sustainability in the category.  THIS PKN™, launching today on the THIS PKN website, is the most indulgent, nutritious, and eco-friendly alternative-milk option on the market. 

THIS PKN redefines clean-label alternative milk. Made exclusively with Texas-grown pecans and no added sugar, THIS PKN offers a rich, buttery taste reminiscent of nostalgic flavors like pecan pie and pralines. Each 80-calorie serving is packed with Omega-3s, antioxidants, calcium, zinc; plus vitamin A, B, and E. THIS PKN is a perfect pairing for coffee or espresso, upgrading plain cereal, or turning your morning oats into a decadent treat. This category disruptor is offered in Original and 100-calorie Chocolate flavors. 

CEO Laura Shenkar founded Lifestock, working alongside leading pecan growers. She was inspired after traveling to San Saba, Texas, the “World Capital of Pecans” — to study the potential for water technology to preserve the Colorado River of Texas. There, she connected with local pecan farmers.

The San Saba farmers had put years into their pecan trees but were facing scarce market growth, even as markets for almonds and other nuts skyrocketed.So Shenkar decided to create demand for Texas pecans by tapping into an already-booming category: alternative milk. THIS PKN was born, charting a new future for the pecan and a revenue stream for Texas farmers who are devoting their careers to regenerative farming practices.

While alternative milks are always a more sustainable choice than traditional dairy milk, not all nut milks are created equal. “We chose to make pecan milk because pecans are the only commercial tree nut indigenous to the US,” says Shenkar. As native plants, pecans are not dependent on water imported from dwindling remote sources. They can survive droughts and floods, serving as anchors for the wildlife and plants that define the Texas landscape. With roots in the Lone Star State, Lifestock is working to establish a Texas business built on local ingredient sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution. At the same time, Lifestock will work with pecan farmers to further develop water-conservation strategies that ensure decades of sustainable production.

Shenkar adds, “Consumers who are looking for a locally sourced, richly flavored, sustainable, and nutritious choice will find it with THIS PKN. We can’t wait to welcome pecan fans and non-dairy consumers alike to join Team PKN.” 

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About Lifestock: ​​

Lifestock is a female-founded and -owned company dedicated to expanding and developing sustainable foods. CEO and Founder Laura Shenkar works closely with local pecan growers to chart a new future for this sustainably sourced nut; because pecan trees live for decades, their growers are motivated to conserve water. Lifestock expands market opportunities for farmers who could previously only fetch premium prices for half-shell pecans. This, in turn, supports sustainable farming. THIS PKN is the inaugural product for Lifestock. 

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