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Best plant based milk I’ve ever had I’m shookith

I’ve been vegan for ten years and I’ve tried every plant milk you can think of: soy, oat, almond, cashew, pistachio, rice, flax, banana, pea, macadamia nut, coconut, hemp, and probably others I’m forgetting, and (as far as pairing it with sweet stuff like cereal) this is the BEST milk I’ve ever tried. I got the unsweetened unflavored one and bought it from my local Grocery Outlet Bargain Market and yeah- I’m sad because they don’t have anymore ): but this stuff is bomb. I wanted some ice cream but I only had frozen berries and this milk so I was like okay close enough, and it was. 100000/10. Great viscosity, flavor, everything, so good. Pecans are my favorite nut and I was recently thinking, “man… I’ve never seen pecan milk…” and then I seen it at the store. Like a gift from the heavens. Amen 🙏

PKN Zero
Truly perfect

The ONLY non-dairy milk that I really like!! Plus, this one has no gums = doesn’t mess with your gut health!! Now to get the stores to stock it!

Original Pecanmilk
Arynne Crane
Love PKN original and chocolate milk in my coffee!

I'm allergic to almonds, so I haven't tried almond milk, but this is better than coconut cream, oat milk, and even cow's milk. Plus it's vegan, vegetarian, low carb, paleo, and keto. Win, win, win, YUM!

Original Pecanmilk
Diana Wiener
This is one of the best milk alternatives around!

My husband is vegan and I am vegetarian. We have tried just about every milk alternative out there and this is the only one WE BOTH LIKE! It is rich and creamy. It is slightly sweet but not overly so. It is so good, we're going to subscribe and ship to Oregon. Thank you, Texans, for making such an excellent cruelty-free option for us!

Original Pecanmilk
Bree McCleskey

Best plant milk I've tried. It's got a very mild sweetness but the creaminess is perfect. This is the only plant milk I'll drink right outta the glass. I'm already addicted.

Love, Love, Love the Chocolate Pecan Milk

I was looking for a low(er) sugar milk alternative from what I was previously using for my morning smoothie. I stumbled upon PKN at my local Sprouts and I've never looked back. Deelish!!

This is the most delicious nut milk that I have tried!

The original gets 5 stars. I can see me buying it again. The chocolate does not have any real depth or flavor so I'd give it two stars.

Great Plant Based Milk

No more peanuts, no more almonds, so now it's time for ThisPKN. Seriously though, ****'s rich, flavorfulll and makes for a great smoothie mix (without the guilt). low in sugar, great plant based milk substitute, how could you go wrong? I'm excited to share it with my nutrition and fitness clients.

Nice a creamy and had a great taste

Original Pecanmilk
Isabella H.
Best tasting nut milk!

WOW! I’ve tried every alt milk and this original is by far the best-tasting nut/alt milk on the market. Blends great with chai, or can be enjoyed solo. Such a buttery, clean taste. I also love how this supports native trees and sustainability. New favorite milk, wish all the coffee shops carried it for when I’m out and about:)

Fabulous product

I have tried most every non-dairy product in the markets and have not been thrilled with any of them-too chemically-tasting, or too sweet. My friend gave me a container of Original which I have finally opened and used over a 2-week time frame(thank you Francie!!). The taste was an unexpected surprise, fresh and clean, mild nutty flavor, not overwhelming. No trace of anything "chemical". The consistency was a little thicker than others which I really like. The quality and taste did not change over the two weeks. I would highly recommend this product. Will plan on ordering more!

Original Pecanmilk
Suzanne Gest
Best nut milk ever

Tasted perfect with my smoothies. My reactions. On my order list weekly!

Chocolate pecan milk

Chocolate pecan Milk yummy and fast delivery thank you

Thick and tastes like pecans with chocolate!

If you want a thick slightly sweet chocolate flavored nut milk, this is it! The ONLY thing I would change is it would be amazing if this was organic. :-)

Thick and tastes like pecans!

This was just what I was hoping for. It's thick so it works in coffee and it has that nice pecan flavor with just the right balance of sweet and savory. It's pretty great ingredients, the only change I would make is moving to organic since nuts can tend to be really high in pesticides. If they made that change, it might be the perfect non-diary milk.

Original Pecanmilk
Francie Niederman
Creamy and delicious

I really like the taste of the original pecan milk. It is creamy not too sweet and has no after taste. It is delicious!


Smooth and just the right amount of sweet.

Original is AMAZING

Wow, I had never tried pecan milk before but I have had all the other oat / almond / soy / coconut / hemp / alt milks on the market and this intrigued me.

Product showed up in good condition - it seems like they have a partnership with Amazon, which is pretty cool, since it came in an Amazon box. It’s not shipped refrigerated but I don’t think it needs to be since most of these milks are shelf stable until you open it.

I tried it a few different ways. First just as a drink to get the flavor. The pecan taste is definitely there. Not quite butter pecan but velvety, smooth, rich, and really delicious! I like that there is no grit or plant taste to it, just a super smooth creamy milk.

Then I tried it in my smoothie which again was good because it blended really nicely with no foam or froth, and added a nice creaminess to my smoothie. That said - the flavor was lost a bit in my smoothie but I think that’s because I put a lot of other stronger ingredients in it like kale, banana, almond butter and chocolate collagen powder.

Then I tried it with cereal. WOW! This was my favorite way to try it. It kind of tastes like the milk that you get at the end of a bowl of cereal so I think that’s why it worked so good. But I had it with a super healthy high fiber flax cereal and I swear it tasted like a treat!

This stuff is legit. I bought a single bottle to try it out but I am going to be buying by the case because this is my new go-to!